KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kuwait)

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  1. Mathew says:

    I visited your branch in Jleeb Al Shuwaikh (11.30 am,Friday )the person who was in the counter (Mohammed Ali) was not co-operative at all ,he was not at all responding if you ask something he not even replying at last I took my meal (take away )paid he said OK without punching then i requested him for the bill then he punched and gave me the bill.
    Request you to please ask the guy to be friendly and respond to the customers in a good way irrespective of their nationality

    Hope corrective steps will be taken

    Never I will visit that Branch



  2. Jaison says:

    We are staying at Abu Halifa. If we order through phone, it will definitely come from Kuwait Magic KFC. But the spicy chicken from Abu Halifa, is too salty. One day I complained there, no use…..

    Please understand, spicy doesnot mean too salty.
    We are Indians like spicy, but not salty.

    Thanking you & expecting a change.


  3. Thomas says:

    my last visit to KFC Andalus is on 20/09/2012 and a order party meal. But I had received the order lesser than party meal quantity. my ORDER # is 30048.

    This is my 3rd experience. I bring to you this issue for your information . now Quality and service are poor.

    Please take preventive steps for not to happend in furture to any customer


  4. Allan khen says:

    I want to address to the main office.. And owner of the kfc…Mr ossama of KFC ferdous Kuwait, is highly act not good..all the staff doesn’t like him .. That’s s why.. They lost there on courage to stay longer to the store..all the staff and the manager make a unity to work together ..with love, understanding and care.. But why , l always heard to this person… That he doesn’t care the staff.. He don’t give a break..if he give ..,only 30 minutes.15minutes.or 10minutes or just only eat while working…that supposedly 1 hour.. To owner .. If your business want to stay longer.. Just care all your staff.. To make your business marvelous and more successful everyday and the future

  5. Rani Bose says:

    KFC has a name for its quality and services. But in Kuwait, this is being enjoyed by only the Nationals, Arabs, Westerners and Philippines (the counter staff’s country men). In most of the KFC outlets have the same treatment. Other nationalities are being treated as third class people or labour class. If you have any doubt, you may check yourself and find the discrimination yourself.

    Our money is the same money they are giving. So we have the right to get the same things what the above people get. On 26th Mar 2014 we went to KFC Sharq Mall in Kuwait City. The Philippine lady counter girl gave spoiled cabbage cup, (may be two or three days old) smell was coming out and the Chicken Pcs also too bad and not at all fresh. I shown her and she said sorry madam I will give another one. That was her reply. My question is why she gave this without seeing the expiry?

    There are lot of discrimination . please see to it.

  6. Emilio says:

    I visited your KFC branch in Shuwaikh beside City Center at 3:39pm today, 30 April 2014. the person who entertained me was Cristina and the one who served the food was AHMAD ATTA who was very RUDE. I was patiently waiting my turn to be served but unfortunately the 3 Egyptian customers who came late were being served first for dine in. I asked Ahmad Atta why you served them first, then he raised his voice and said wait. I was for dine in too and having the same spicy chicken order. My question was why he served them first, I was ahead of time paying in the counter, patiently waiting and that customers were late and took first their orders. Should be ” FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS” or else you will tell the customers to wait and tell the time but CRISTINA didn’t tell me because there were freshly cooked chicken (I took some photos). His excused was still they were cooking the chicken, he is not only rude but VERY LIER. I witnessed myself even CRISTINA witnessed that there were more enough ready chicken but he served the Egyptian customers first. From now on, I will tell all my friends and even colleagues in embassy and country men that never visit KFC because they will never give good service to Asian People only Egyptian. Never ever I will visit again any of your KFC branch because of what happened… I was insulted and that very fat Egyptian staff should not be in the frontline…

    If you need substantial proof, send me your email and I can send the footage I took when I was in the counter including the receipt # 10126.

    Please do necessary corrective action for this person… I would suggest to review your manpower allocation to make it more diversified not just one nationality monopolizing the outlet.

    Hope corrective steps will be taken

    NEVER EVER AGAIN I will visit that Branch

  7. .... says:

    This kfc eatery all foot ice and coolant .V-V

  8. .... says:

    KFC SO BAD !!!!!!

  9. Robert says:

    Please give mangaf branch contact no for ordering

  10. IMRAN AHMED says:


  11. rusty says:

    I’m an avid customer of KFC. Your branch in Kuwait City, Maliya don’ have proper conditioning. You know in this hot months in Kuwait you should have good conditioning for the benefit of the customers. I can’t blame the cashiers why they can’t smile to the customers because of the hot situation inside the store. Kindly fix it. Also, there are flies inside irritating some customers. You should also have a cleaner at all time so that anytime somebody finished eating he can collect the garbage and clean the table for other customer.
    I hope you will give importance to these comments.
    Thank you.

  12. cherian says:

    KFC Dajeej, Site order No.87 party meal – 26/08/2014
    The delivery man was not ready to come my flat. He stayed far away from my building and called me to collect the order. He is saying there is no parking space. See we are paying home delivery charge 500 fills. Will he do the same to kuwities or any US citizens ?

  13. Ryan says:

    We visited to Salwa KFC. As it is said – it was finger licking good, but the pieces were very small. Our receipt no. 2767, TAKE OUT.

  14. Maher says:

    Very good tast

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